Sport Socks

Sports socks – high-quality, comfortable and performance boosting 

Rise to top form with sports socks made from finest materials, with accurately fitting cuts and innovative extras! No matter whether it’s running socks or golf socks, when doing sports the right socks are contributing to wellbeing and performance. Skin friendly fabrics like cotton don’t irritate the skin. Also they absorb moisture effectively and in that way relieve the body. Soft terry for example is especially comfortable and gently dampens every step. Padded cuffs softly embrace the leg and avoid pressure marks. Fibre blends with elastan ensure a particular elasticity and support the foot properly.

Quality has its price – and is worth it!

Innovative cuts and extras have been developed in partly lengthy procedures, to provide best possible comfort and maximum hold for feet in Rohner sports socks. This is important for not only compression sports socks, all high-quality socks should meet certain quality standards – or exceed them. This includes, for example, soft seems and a perfectly fitting cut that doesn’t require seams in the toe area. In that way it’s ensured that the sock doesn’t rub on the foot. No matter whether you need running socks, tennis socks or ski socks, with high-quality socks you make sure to best meet the needs of your feet. Finally it’s them that carry us through life!  

Advantages of high-quality sports socks

High-quality sports socks are developed smartly and are produced from finest materials and with perfectly fitting cuts. These innovative elements of our sports socks inspire men and women equally.

The accurate cut mostly is designed for a left and a right foot. The benefit is not only a better fit, cushioning elements on the inside and the outside of the foot can also be integrated precisely.

An elastic cuff makes sure the sock fits perfectly – the sock doesn’t slip nor leaves pressure marks on the leg. 

Anatomically shaped foot pads buffer the impact of the heel to toe movement.

Special protectors at the Achilles tendon avoid rubbing and provide more wellbeing

A hand-linked toe area keeps the toes free from possibly rubbing seams. This is especially convenient during long training sessions or competitions. 

Breathable materials make sure you sweat less – what means more comfort in the shoe.

Sports socks in an exclusive range in the Rohner Socks online shop

Regardless of wether you are looking for ski socks for men or tennis socks or running socks for women, in the Rohner online shop you will surely make a find. The extensive product range convinces with sport socks, that have been designed and manufactured in advanced procedures. Different lengths offer more or less warmth as desired. Besides, you have the choice between socks in a higher texture desity for winter or outdoor sports and thinner socks for summer or indoor sports. Also in terms of colour you can expect a wide choice. While, for example, black tennis socks can be combined well with bright coloured training clothes, white tennis socks offer the advantage of looking fresh and clean and heat up less quickly in summer. Let yourself be inspired by the product range in the Rohner online shop – here you can buy high-quality socks!          


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