Men Knee High Socks

Knee-length socks: warm legs, styleproof appearance

When temperatures drop, the time is right for knee-length socks. Snow and ice, rain and cold take their toll. With knee-length socks the legs stay warm under the suit and the bootleg won’t rub on your legs. Furthermore they are an essential accessory in business life. If you like to order your socks online, decide for high quality and buy business socks from Rohner.   

Always in style

In business life, integrity and an appropriate clothing style are indispensable. To achieve this you should make sure to match all parts of your wardrobe wisely – including the smallest details. Even a perfect fitting suit is no big help if the trouser legs are sliding up when sitting, allowing a view on naked legs. In some countries or industries this would be a reason to cancel the whole deal.        

Knee-length socks for men: accessories for gentlemen

To avoid such a faux pas, a gentlemen would always wear knee-length socks with a suit. Even though the trouser leg may slide far up, the legs are always covered. The british gentlemen is particularly style-conscious, wearing socks that match the tie or bow tie. But also in muted nuances, knee-length socks are definitely a sign of an individual character.       

Warm legs, warm feet

What to do if temperatures drops but a suit is still indispensable? Men’s knee-length socks made from merino, cotton or cashmere provide additional protection under thin suit fabrics. Moreover they assure that the shoes don’t rub on the legs, in case you decide to wear high boots or ankle boots in the cold weather.     

High-quality knee-length socks for men

At first glance all socks are similar. On closer inspection though, the small details such as fit and material make the big difference. Rohner is offering socks made from cotton, merino, cashmere and bamboo. These high-quality fibers have their very own advantages. While cotton is very breathable, merino is regulating heat exchange and has an antibacterial effect by nature. Bamboo fibres absorb sweat and odours reliably and softly embrace the foot. These materials are processed so that they are elastic and flexible, but still offering good support. Slipping cuffs are a thing of the past with Rohner Socks.

Sock shopping at Rohner

Rohner is the expert for high-quality business socks. Many years of experience has been brought into all their products. The traditional Swiss footwear company exclusively buys the very best materials from selected producers and works constantly on the improvement of their products. Only high-quality raw materials that are carefully interwoven and refined are used in every single sock. In the Rohner Socks online shop you will find a full range of business socks, discreetly coloured or in fashionable patterns. Benefit from the advantages of the Rohner online shop now:

  • high-quality raw materials and best workmanship 
  • selected fibre blends
  • socks for various purposes
  • wide colour palette
  • extensive customer service
  • fast shipping 
  • easy payment

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