Rohner Healthcare: for the wellbeing of your feet

Cramps, hyperacidity or insufficient blood flow can be avoided. Rohner socks attach great importance to the well being of your feet, our offer includes all our experience and special materials such as Crabyon® or SeaCell® .

Among them there are compression stockings to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle acidification. These socks are also used by athletes to improve their performance.

The socks have antibacterial features, anti-odor , and are suitable for everyday life. Our socks for diabetics are respectful of the skin and do not tighten the calf, due to the lack of elastic fibers. Now look at our category of healthcare and select your desired wellness for your feet.

Diabetic Socks:

Our socks for diabetics greatly enhance the Comfort and well-being. They are ideal for people with diabetes who have skin problems at their feet. Through the hand-linking process they have no pressure point, they have anti-bacterial, anti-static functionalities, and have a soft edge. Our diabetic socks are made using the following special materials:


The benefits of seaweed extracts are multiple. Indeed, the sea water minerals are enriched in the algae, which allows a high concentration of different trace element, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. In addition, seaweed extracts promote healing of skin inflammation.

SeaCell® active fiber is respectful of the skin. In addition, the effect produced by algae, offers a durable and effective antibacterial action.


CRABYON fibers are derived from a mixture of chitosan, viscose and cotton. The strength of this material is its anti-bacterial function. Indeed, it slows the growth of bacteria. Moreover, Crabyon effectively absorbs moisture and is hypoallergenic.


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